buildinn ecosystem canvas

Buildinn ecosystem canvas can help you identify people and organizations outside your organization who can contribute to your challenge, act as your partners in the implementation process, and create value that could be greater than what you could achieve on your own.

what is it?

Based on the canvas, actors in the ecosystem can be mapped according to three main innovation groups: innovation suppliers, innovation demand, and innovation enablers.

How to use

buildinn ecosystem canvas

Step 1#:

innovation suppliers

There are three areas on the canvas, where on the supply side, you can find entrepreneurs, startups, and technology companies with innovative solutions.

Step 2#:

innovation demand

As for the demand side, you will find large corporations that can adopt innovative solutions (or develop them themselves), global organizations, investors that will look for investment channels, and public sector companies.

Step 3#:

innovation enablers

The innovation enablers may include government officials, policymakers, academics, and associations. Through acceleration and innovation programs, or by promoting issues within their sphere of responsibility, these organizations will be able to promote innovation

Step 4#:

Step 5#:

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