buildinn culture canvas

If your corporate culture does not encourage innovation and whenever a good idea or challenge arises, fear of failure eliminates every good aspect, this tool could prove helpful to build an innovation readiness culture.

what is it?

To see how you can influence corporate culture, you can utilize Buildinn corporate culture canvas and promote moves in different directions that advance the same goal.

How to use

buildinn culture canvas

Step 1#:

Top down (microsoft)

As a result of the canvas, the upper portion is intended to explore the issues that the CEO may be able to promote in order to influence the organizational culture and to promote innovation

Step 2#:

Bottom up (Amazon)

On the bottom part of the canvas, there is a section for implementing processes among employees tomorrow morning and for establishing organizational routines that can promote failure acceptance

Step 3#:

Structure (loonshots)

The right part of the corporate culture canvas offers structural frameworks that can influence the corporate culture. Several examples of structural changes can be offered, including the creation of an innovation commando unit, a separate budget, a task force, a unit that works from home, a unit that reports to the CEO, etc.

Step 4#:

Ability to Adapt (Delta)

This part focuses on creating changes that will allow the organization to maintain over time the ability of the employees to adapt quickly to change and become an organization that is able to respond to changes rapidly

Step 5#:

Download buildinn culture canvas

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