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Stop Guessing! How much is your idea really worth?

Learn how to beat the chaos and uncertainty of being a start-up founder, get new business insights, build a financial model and choose the right direction for your start-up – all in 3 hours!

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Unique innovation tools​


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Hours of short and clear videos


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By the end of this course you will:

Discover 6 new initiatives that are hidden within your business

Critically think about your Business model and find new opportunities

Decide which of the initiatives is the most valuable financially

Quickly evaluate the different options

Validate your assumptions: What will fail and what will scale?

Translate and factoring the canvas model in to money, get new insights and Peace of mind

What will you learn, Tachles?

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With in-depth knowledge and cutting edge tools, this short program will help you focus on what matters most and will ensure you are making the right decision.

Learn from the best

Nir Koren

CEO & Founder, Buildinn

An enthusiastic innovation expert with 15 years of experience in strategic consulting to Israel’s largest corporations, helping them to manage cross-organizational change and implement innovation and sustainability initiatives. As the former VP of Israel Innovation Institute, Nir brings a variety of professional knowledge and innovative tools to help you build and innovate.

Lior Baran

VP Consulting, Buildinn

An innovation expert with extensive consulting experience and a passion for assisting organizations to solve challenges and implement innovative strategies. An experienced facilitator of Design Thinking and Innovation workshops. Former Head of Innovation at one of Israel’s largest and most prominent law firms.

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Franz Gillmeyer
Franz GillmeyerProduct Owner, SHQUARED
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Smart, helpful, and easy-to-use tools, that pushed us to think critically about our solutions and find new opportunities. and the fun part - I really enjoyed it!

About Buildinn

Buildinn Innovation Consulting Ltd. was founded by NIr Koren, an Israeli Innovator, former VP of Innovation at the Israel Innovation Institute.

Over the past 15 years, We have been working with Global and Israeli organizations, conducted more than 500 workshops, courses and Hackathons and developed proven methods and innovation tools.

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