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Warsaw: Ideation Canvas – How can we solve the next big challenge?

We built a new tool at buildinn to assist in solving challenges. It’s the Ideation Canvas, and it connects 4 different tools, letting us in real time and really fast come up with over 40 solutions for the same challenge. Best of all, it lets us quickly examine which solution provides the maximum value. The ability to accept feedback from others, the connection to global challenges, and the ability to dream and dare.

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Vienna, UN: Innovation that creates impact

Why did I travel all the way to the UN in Vienna? What can be learned about social innovation by visiting the UN? And why is it necessary to examine the principles of SDGs in order to change the world? About the connection between innovation and sustainability

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PODCAST! So how do you really build innovation communities?

How can we start using innovation and innovation communities? What defines innovation? What are the 5 types of innovation communities that fit the definition? What’s the link between that, and recruiting individuals with autism to the IDF? (There isn’t one, but we’re associative). What’s innovation, anyway, and how can we decide if the community is doing well? And what’s the “value” of innovation that people are always talking about?

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