Barcelona: 24 Ways To Enhance Your Ecosystem’s Value

I'm at Barcelona’s airport trying to sum up a crazy experience in this city about building an ecosystem and the value it produces

At Barcelona’s airport, I’m trying to sum up a crazy experience in this city in less than 300 words. Not doable but here goes: I was there for 72 hours, of which 6 were spent on two tours of the city and the rest to listening, learning, and preparing my session.

I built it, undid it, turned it inside out, recast it: new understandings of things said by talented people I really admire kept coming to mind. I linked them all together. 

I met a few talented Israelis who I should have met a long time ago. I met people from around Europe I really like, who I hadn’t seen for some months, face to face. Mostly, for the first time in my life, I led a workshop all dressed to the nines in suit and socked feet. 


Because. Just because. Because we decided at the last minute that it’s a suited and socked panel. But cute socks, statement socks: one with van Gogh’s portrait and its pair with his famous sunflowers.

And maybe that’s totally logical, because innovation does, after all, require us to do things differently, to dare, to take chances, to be audacious (I love that word!).

So a lecture in socked feet was a new experience (thanks to Adi Barel for the idea).

That went well with the model I consolidated, presenting 24 principles for examining the value of an ecosystem. There were also interesting speakers, a panel challenging the concept of “value,” and I (re)understood that I really dislike marketing and am crazy in love with innovation. And there was a crazy idea about a presentation written up in real time!

So let’s talk about the model. It relies on the premise that your ecosystem’s proposed value isn't absolute. At any given point in time, you can examine these 24 points, appearing in the model, and understand what, in fact, the value you're currently actually offering is, and if it’s grown (or whether you have the ability to grow it), then you have increased the return.

It’s the complete opposite of marketing: we don’t examine the (low) value and try to convince others that we deserve more. No: we raise the value, and suggest a far better proposal (in order to increased the return). 

I came back inspired, some amazing connections were made, but bottom line those socks stole the show. 
Thank you, Barcelona. It was wild, challenging, but now, back to Israel we go! 

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