PODCAST! So how do you really build innovation communities?

How can we start using innovation and innovation communities? What defines innovation? What are the 5 types of innovation communities that fit the definition? What’s the link between that, and recruiting individuals with autism to the IDF? (There isn't one, but we’re associative). What’s innovation, anyway, and how can we decide if the community is doing well? And what’s the “value” of innovation that people are always talking about?

It took me less than a minute, from the time Anva Ratzon and Daniel Ofek asked, for me to say: Sure, I’d be happy to! I had no clue what they were planning but I did know one thing: I admire both of them a good deal, I’ve spoken to both of them plenty of times (although I’ve never met Anva in person), I’ve listened to some of their previous sessions, and each time, it was not only a pleasure but I also learned something new. What all three of us share is our involvement in communities, innovation, cities, and organizations, and our ambition to see how they produce value.

So yes, last month I spent my birthday doing an interview for the excellent podcast series “Community talks” run by these two incredible people. 

Who’s the podcast aimed at?

If you’re (1) innovation managers or CEOs of a large organization, (2) mayors and in city leadership positions (no matter what size city) and care about local businesses, (3) both the above (mayors who want to promote innovation), or (4) if you’re Talia Aharoni who taught me so much in life and yesterday wanted to hear what I had to say, and this podcast was the fasted way to offer that… if you’re any of the above, I believe you’ll find some great insights here.

So what do we talk about in the 39 minutes dedicated to podcast #28?

  • You can hear how I view the world of innovation, and how in my view innovation communities should be categorized (relative to 5 main categories).

  • What I do almost every morning? (and how that’s connected to the clock in my car).

  • How we build communities in organizations or cities? (and a peek behind the scenes on what keeps me busy at Buildinn Innovation and in municipalities-during-Covid-19  and our technological platforms).

  • What a community is, what innovation is, and what on earth “value” is (no amorphous definitions here, and a whole lot of love for failures).

  • What happens when a city wakes up and decides that businesses in the city actually are of interest? (surprise in store!)

  • What triangulated balance needs to be preserved when structuring an innovation commando in the organization? (and how money’s connected to it all).

  • Why we have to begin with why? (and what helps me see in an instant if I’m on the right track).

  • And what I think will happen to innovation communities in organizations a decade from now? (and then you’ll be able to say “no way that’s going to happen!”).

If you listen to this as you drive, as you jog, as you ride the train, just take into account that there are 27 earlier fantastic podcasts skillfully presented by Anva and Daniel.

But most of all, if you’ve really dedicated 39 minutes of your life to me, and really listened, I’d be super happy to hear from you: what did you think about it?

Huge thanks for the invite, Anva and Daniel! 

And if value is on the table, here are a few organizations and people I mention and are worth checking out later:

Buildinn innovationMunicipalities-during-Covid-19Israel Innovation InstituteCatalyst-IL – Innovation Management Communities in Organizations,  EcoMotionHackAutism האקוטיזםUdi HellerStartup for StartupNoa HilzenratAmir ShoreshKan 11 – Kupa Rashit

The many ways you can connect to the podcast:

Spotify? Castbox? Apple? Google? YouTube? Tesla

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